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With his explosive riffs and intricate solos, Dylan is the mastermind behind HopeFool's powerful sound. Located in Colorado during HopeFool's formation, Dylan moved to Austin to help bolster HopeFool into what you see and hear today.




An immigrant from Israel to California as a teenager, Danny recently attained American Citizenship and Texas residency while becoming HopeFool's dynamic and multi-dimensional bassist. An avid skateboarder, Danny brings his free spirited nature to the band's diverse personality.




A band wouldn't be complete without its Drummer, and HopeFool couldn’t have asked for a better one than the talented Chris Campagna. Chris's upbeat and positive attitude is the fulcrum of HopeFool's mission and namesake. And his explosive and eclectic drumming style gives HopeFool that punch every rocker loves.


A Story of Friendship, Hope, and well... foolishness

When best friends Chris (drums) and Danny (bass) set out to start HopeFool they never imagined it would grow into what it is today. Then again, after nearly a decade of wanting to start a project together, they were more focused on getting it off the ground. Enter Michael (vocals) and Dylan (guitar) to help give this talented duo a hand and just like that, you have the heavy hitting quartet you see today. With all four having differing personalties, experience, influences, upbringings, and lifestyles, the opportunity to land a unique and diverse sound seemed almost inevitable. 

Exploding onto the scene with, "The New Age" in September of 2020, HopeFool showed right away they meant business. And after releasing, "Statues" and "Forever" to round out the year, these guys also proved they were determined to show right away that they weren't going to limit themselves to any one sound or genre. A step into the dark side with, "Eden (Losing Touch)" to show depth, venturing into simpler but more explosive waters with, "Nocturnal", and a softer, more inspirational ballad with, "Collapse" continues to prove that HopeFool is determined to show their range and versatility immediately. 

With each of these rockers experiencing plenty of heartbreak chasing the dream of being a working musician, to be still standing and still packing a punch, these guys are showing HopeFool is more than just a name, it's a lifestyle.

Want to learn more about HopeFool, their music, and their tour dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch at hopefoolband@gmail.com

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